Decolonising the Green New Deal

To be truly effective, the Green New Deal must go beyond patterns of neocolonialism and exploitation of other countries, beyond marginalisation and towards true social and environmental justice.

Putting the D(evelopment) in LGBT+

While growing attention has been paid to the role of women in advancing development, the role of LGBT+ people and their relationship with development is less well attended to in academia and beyond.

Earthshot: innovation or hypocrisy?

The announcement of the Earthshot prize to ‘help find solutions’ for climate change was the latest in the long line of celebrities and other private actors working to supposedly help solve climate change. In other words; it is the latest in a long line of hypocritical celebrities outsourcing the work on climate change they won’t…

The not-so-Happy Valley.

Torrents of water rushing down hillsides. Cars swept away in its path. Homes and businesses ruined. They’re the scenes that have faced the Calder Valley 6 times in the last 5 years.

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Hi, I’m Helen. A Masters student in Justice, Development and Sustainability, I previously worked in politics. This blog is to collate everything I’ve learned over 2 degrees and my job, while sharing content on climate change, politics and more!

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